Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upcoming AIPP Event with Tony Hewitt

The West Australian AIPP is holding an event "Keeping the Creative Edge" with Tony Hewitt.  For further informtion head to the AIPP website at or check out the blog

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Bowens/Hasselblad Seminar with Peter Coulson Only a Few Days Away

Just a reminder of the Peter Coulson event is next Monday evening, we still have a couple of places left so if your interested in this rare opportunity RSVP as soon as possible to secure your spot.

This is a free event and a great chance to pick up some tips from one of Australia's leading image makers.  You will also have the opportunity to see the latest Bowens lighting equipment and the supurb Hasselblad H4D-60.

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Pentax K-5

The Pentax K-5 is one of the best reviewed mid range DSLR cameras available today.  It won a Gold Award from one of the most respected digital photography websites ( and has had rave reviews from both users and reviewers alike.

The Pentax K-5 offers superb build quality and user interface making it one of the most competitive models in it's class.  You get quite a lot of bang for your buck with the K-5, some of the feature highlights include:

  • 16.3Mp CMOS sensor
  • ISO sensitivity span of 80-51,200 (equivalent)
  • 1080p HD movie mode
  • Limited in-camera movie editing functionality
  • Socket for external microphone input
  • Triple-axis sensor-based shake reduction (horizontal, vertical and rotational correction)
  • New SAFOX IX+ 11-point AF system (improved over the K-7)
  • Support for older Pentax lenses with manual aperture rings
  • Magnesium alloy body shell
  • Improved handheld HDR function (JPEG mode only)
  • Continuous shooting up to 7fps
  • 100% viewfinder coverage (0.92x magnification)
  • Choice of PEF or DNG RAW files
  • 3in, 921k pixel LCD screen

One of the most welcome new improvements amongst many photo enthusiasts is the ability to use older Pentax lenses with aperture ring control.  Pentax has for decades made some of the finest optics available for the 35mm system and this integration with the current model allows photographers to explore the wonderful possibilities that these vintage lenses can offer.  Although not specifically designed for the digital system, older lenses can produce unique images not possible with the current lens line up.

Aside from all the functionality the camera offers it also has a build quality which is second to none.  Pentax have always built good cameras and this one is no exception with weather sealing and magnesium alloy chassis providing a solid and ergonomically friendly experience.  

For a full list of technical specifications download a fact sheet here


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*UPDATE* More News from Fuji About X100 Deliveries

Fujifilm Australia have sent us a statement regarding the expected delivery delays on the new X100.

"You may have read media updates recently relating to the re-commencement of X100 production following the earthquake in Japan.
We have received overnight, a further update from Fujifilm Tokyo.
Faced with extreme challenges, very significant resources have been utilised so that as we speak, X100 is currently back in production.
Fujifilm Tokyo anticipates commencement of exports by mid April, disrupting the original schedule by about one month.
What does this mean for Australian customers?
Fujifilm Australia anticipates seeing our next X100 shipment arriving in Australia towards the end of April, although at this stage we don't know what quantity we will receive.  Note that we currently have enough backorders and forward orders to take up all April-May stock arrivals, so at this stage any new customer orders will probably not be able to be filled until June.  As more information becomes available over the next couple of weeks we will be in a better position to advise on an ETA.  
We once again thank you and your customers for your understanding and patience during what are clearly challenging times." 

We have a shop camera here in stock so if your interested in checking one out head instore for a hands on demo.  We are currently taking orders for the X100 and the list seems to be growing day by day.  If you are hoping to get a camera with the first shipment then get your name on our order list as allocations are running out quickly.


Camera Electronic, Stockists of the Full Range of Adobe Creative Products

A lot of people might not be aware but Camera Electronic is your one stop shop for all your Adobe creative software needs.  We obviously specialize in the photographic application like Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom but we can also supply the full range of Adobe creative suites.

The range of Adobe software enables users to create, share and manage workflows like no other software family on earth.  The Adobe lineup of products have become industry leaders in fields varying from video editing to photography and from web design to graphic design for publications and layouts.  Ingenious workflow and asset managment tools also mean that it is easier than ever to manage your work from one project to the next and also between you and your client.  

We have demo versions of Photoshop and Lightroom installed on our Mac's so come down for a brief tour of what these brilliant software packages can do for you. 


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleep Easy with Drobo Digital Backup Solutions

Does the idea of failing hard drives keep you up at night, the thought of all those images lost forever due to a hard drive which has spun it's last?  Everyone is always telling us that we should backup everything and prepare for the worst, but who really has the time to spend on the laborious process of backing up to multiple drives only to have to do the same thing in the not to distant future?  It's pretty easy to back up to a single drive via data syncing software readily available for all the O.S systems but this solution has some obvious and annoying drawbacks and backing up just the files on your computer HD is only solving part of the problem.......what about the shoot you did 18 months ago?.....the one that's stored on the HD buried under the trash that collects in your bottom draw!

The Drobo is like your old fashioned RAID data syncing backup systems but then so much more!  It's network compatible, it's photographer proof (a.k.a easy to use), it can easily expand storage capacity as your needs grow, it looks really cool, it keeps everything in one easy to access place on your system and best of does everything automatically without disrupting your access to your data or bothering you with reminders. 

Check out this video for a great example of how the Drobo system works with your currant computer set-up.


New Sekonic L-308DC Digi Cine Mate

Sekonic have released a new exposure meter designed for both the cinematography and still image market.  This is not a new concept but the L-308DC is the first compact entry level metering system to incorporate both fields of imaging making.

A full brochure for the L-308DC is available for download here

Sekonic DigiCineMate L-308DC
The versatility of today's cameras is expanding at an amazing rate. Digital SLR cameras are used to record moving images and digital video cameras are used to capture still frames for printing. Whether you are a DSLR videographer, cinematographer, still photographer or involved in any facet of image capture, the Sekonic L-308DC is the perfect meter for you.

Three Ways to Meter

The compact, Sekonic L-308DC is the first meter that can be customized to display only specific functions needed for the task at hand for fast, easy operation.
    •    DSLR videographers can make exposure readings and control light using shutter speeds and frame rates and get aperture settings with one-tenth stop accuracy. The display can be customized match your camera in full, 1/2 or 1/3 step readings. Brightness display in Lux and Foot Candles make it perfect for lighting-design work.
    •    Cinematographers can make exposure readings and control light using the most useful frame rates and shutter angles and get aperture settings with one-tenth stop accuracy. Exposure display can be customized to match your camera and Lux and Foot Candle readout enables quick set up of lights.
    •    Traditional still-image photographers will enjoy shutter-priority display of a full range of ambient and flash functions including Cord and Cordless flash measurement as well as EV. All with one-tenth stop accuracy and display that can be customized to your camera.

Three Ways to Measure Light

    •    The L-308DC's Lumisphere tells you about the light you are controlling. It is designed to integrate all of the illumination that falls on it, and the subject, including the key light, line light, hair light, eye lights, etc. Besides taking nearly foolproof exposure readings, its incident light reading enables you to set up and light a scene before the principal talent arrives. You can also “walk the set” to measure the evenness of the illumination.
    •    Snap on the accessory Lumidisc to measure for lighting green screens, adjusting ratios and taking lux and foot-candle measurements.
    •    Slide the Lumisphere to the right to measure light reflected from the subject or the brightness of light sources or window light.


Monday, March 28, 2011

New Firmware Release for Pentax 645D

Pentax has released new firmware upgrades for the Pentax 645D, the updates address a few small features of the camera and make the overall user interface easier.  Aside from a couple of small improvements to the interface no big 'fixes' have been needed for the camera.

Our demo 645D has been upgraded to the new firmware and is available for hire.  Our rates cover daily, weekly and weekend hire but we can also discuss special rates if you require the camera for longer.

A full list of our hire equipment is available here.


New Olympus EPL-2 Now in Stock!

A couple of months ago Olympus announced a third camera body for the Pen line up of micro 4/3 format cameras.  The EPL-2 is the new flagship model and features higher build quality, larger screen and more refined user interface.  These little cameras produce stunning image quality and are designed for everyone from the causal beginner right through to pro's looking for a compact camera with none of the limitations of traditional travel cameras.   

We have received our first shipment of the new model so call one of the guys for pricing and find out what colours are available and in stock, or simply pop in and have a look.

The new EPL-2 is also available with the new M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm MkII kit lens for all round high quality image making.  The lens is compact enough to compliment the camera but versatile enough to cover most photographic applications.  The existing lenses and accessories for the Pen range will also work seamlessly with the new model meaning that if your upgrading there is no need to worry about replacing your whole kit, just the body itself.

Another exciting feature of the system is the introduction of new PENPAL Bluetooth module PP-1 which allows you to send files straight from your camera to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone via the new accessory port AP2.


Stroboframe Flash Brackets for Better Flash Photography

First introduced in 1976, Stroboframe flash brackets have evolved into a comprehensive system known for innovative features and outstanding quality. Stroboframe brackets provide perfectly centered, overhead flash, eliminating side shadows and "red-eye". With your camera and a Stroboframe bracket you'll produce the kind of natural, flattering photographs that will delight your clients, time after time.

Stroboframe brackets are available for the majority of professional cameras, they are even available for medium format models as well.

1.  "Camera-Rotating Brackets" - The Most Versatile
Featuring the original, patented Rotary-Link™, this family of brackets is made especially for rectangular-format cameras.  These brackets allow you to rotate the camera, keeping the flash centered above the lens for both horizontal and vertical compositions.  This design permits unlimited flash positioning and aiming.  It is also the best bracket for use with a tripod.  Rotary-Link brackets are the most versatile of the Stroboframe system.

2. “Flash-Rotating” Brackets - Compact and Lightweight
Rotate the flash, not the camera. Keep the flash centered over the lens for horizontal and vertical compositions. Generally lighter and more compact than the camera-rotating models.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Camera Electronic, best shop for B+W Filters

In case you didn't already know Camera Electronic are the best place in town to get all your B+W filters. We always have in stock UV and Circular Polarizes from most sizes of lens along with a range of N.D filters of various sizes.  We also carry other more specialized filters but if we don't have the exact filter that you are after in stock we can order it.

B+W filters have been the preferred high end filter for decades and when looking at the craftsmanship that goes into each one it's easy to see why.  Filters are made to the highest of optical and mechanical standards by Schneider Optics Germany and unlike many filters which are simply rolled from glass blanks these filters are ground and polished in a similar way to the optics in your lens.

B+W was also the first manufacturer to employ MRC filter technology, this MRC coating allows the filters to repeal dust, dirt, water and scratches thus increasing the durability and life span of your investment.

A download of the full B+W filter catalog is available here.


Nifty Camera Stabilizer from Steadepod!

For a while now we have been selling a small device which helps photographers make impossible shots possible. Let's say that your out shooting, you don't have a tripod or monopod and your shooting at speeds below a 30th of a second.  Sure you could look for a tree or pole to lean against but chances are city planners or mother nature didn't have your photograph in mind when deciding on locations.  Using the environment around you nearly always means that you are comprising on the image you actually want to make.  Walking to the nearest tree or balancing you camera precariously on the bonnet of a car nearly always means that your changing the angle or perspective of your shot and compromising on what might have been.

The SteadePod changes all this, it allows you to get some measure of stability without compromising on how you want to make your image.  It will never replace your tripod, and probably not even your monopod, but it is the third tier of camera support which allows you to get those shots that would other wise be impossible. 

This is a great little video on how the Steadepod actually works.

I spent a few minutes trawling the internet to get a feel what other people around the world thought of these little devices and found a great review from Darwin Wiggett's blog 'Life and Learning Through the Lens'.  The images below are courtesy of Darwin's blog and show a great example of what difference the SteadePod can make to your available light images. 

Courtesy of Darwin Wiggett

Courtesy of Darwin Wiggett


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Digital Image Flow Grey Cards New to Stock

Digital Image Flow grey cards are the biggest selling white balance/grey card in the world.  They are durable, compact and extremely accurate.

Apart from the obvious application of colour balance, the Digital Image Flow grey Card can also be used as a device for reflective ambient light and flash readings.  

Check out this short film for real life examples of the importance of accurate color balance!

Camera Electronic now stocks these superb little devices so hurry down and pick one up. 


Update on R3000 Delivery...

Epson have confirmed with us that the R3000 is currently in transit and will be with us next week.  I'll post a quick message when the stock arrives so people can come down and check it out.

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New High Speed Pro Hoodman Cards Instore Soon

We are pleased no announce that we will soon have in stock the RAW range of high end Hoodman memory cards. These cards are like no others currently available and are designed to meet the needs of the pro shooter of today.  The added cost of these cards will probably dissuade most amateur or entry level shooters but for anyone who needs the piece of mind of superior media storage then the extra expense is definitely worth it.

These revolutionary cards are faster and more secure than anything on the market;
  • RAW @ 675X 100 MB/second...10% faster than all manufacturers...15 seconds per GB downloads.
  • RAW's 500,000 cycle life SSD Flash inside...
  • More than 5 times the life a 90 MB/sec card.
  • More than 50 times the life of a 60 MB/sec card.
  • Zero failures world wide 3 years and counting...
  • Built better, in the USA! 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tamron Super Special!!!

We have in stock some Tamron 18-270mm lenses for Nikon which we are running out at a super hot price.  For a limited time you can pick one of these up for only $599inc GST.

Check out the full technical specifications here or come day and try one out.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Leica Silverline Binoculars in Stock

The new Leica Silverline series of binoculars is now in stock.  These ultra high quality optics are available in full size 8x42 and 10x42 or compact 8x20 and 10x25, the Silverline series also boasts a ultra compact and handy 8x20 monocular.

The finish of these new binoculars is the same gorgeous and hard wearing anodized silver as used on the classic Leica cameras, the finish is hard wearing and very scratch proof.  The fine black leatherette grips are the finishing touch and contrast perfectly with the bright silver.  Under the hood these are still the same high end optics as used in the older Ultravid series of binoculars meaning that image quality is of the highest standard.

Visit the Silverline Mini Website or give us a call to get a feel for the styling and quality of these high end optics.

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New Eizo ColorEdge CG275W Professional Monitor Announced

Eizo has just announced a new monitor in it's ColorEdge line up.

The CG275W is everything you'd expect from Eizo but now with the exciting new feature of automatic and built in calibration.  The time saving implications of this are obvious, no more digging around the office for a calibration device and then sitting patiently as you tie up your workstations waiting for a software driven calibration to finish.  The new built in sensor can be programed to do all this automatically and it is even possible to schedule calibrations independent of your computer hardware so when you've shut down and headed home for the day the monitor will take care of the rest and great you with a perfectly calibrated screen in the morning.

Dates for t first shipments of the new monitor are not clear but we are all set up to take orders if you wanted to secure some of the first coming through the door.  Demand will be high on these so get in early to avoid disappointment.

I'll keep you up to date as more information comes to hand, in the mean time check out the website for full specifications and list of features.

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Canon to Release New Super Telephoto Line Up

Canon are updating the line up of pro super telephoto lenses for the EOS system.  The 300mm f2.8, 400mm f2.8, 500mm f4 and 600mm f4 are all set to receive new optical designs and significant changes in construction materials to make the lenses much lighter than the predecessors.  Canon are also advertising the lenses as being much better suited for digital bodies with new and improved weather sealing and dust protection.

It will be interesting to see how Canon will improve what has been for many years a winning formula.  The new optical design is said to reduce ghosting and flaring on digital sensors whilst at the same time reducing chromatic aberration to an absolute minimum.    

The actual release date for the lenses is still a little unclear but we have already placed orders for the range of super-tele lenses and we will let you know when more information comes to hand.


New SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Cards

As digital SLR cameras are becoming faster and with higher resolutions, not to mention HD video and burst modes, the demand on memory cards has become much greater in a very short space of time.  

The Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card now offer up to 45MB per second data transfer and is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.  We currently have stock of all sizes so call one of the guys to get latest prices. 


Cullmann Tripds - Quality Camera Supports from Germany

In case you didn't already know Camera Electronic is the exclusive Australian dealer for Cullmann tripods.  We have had the Cullmann range for around 6 months now and they have been greeted with enthusiasm from working pros and photo enthusiasts alike.

The Cullmann brand has been huge in North America and Europe for years and it is starting to look like they will take off here too.  The quality and workmanship that goes into these products is what you'd expect from such a well respected German brand and the range covers everything from light weight travel supports right through to larger units for heavy camera setups.

The top of the range 'Magnesit' series use lightweight materials such as carbon and magnesium find that perfect balance between tripod weight and tripod stability.  They are available in a multitude of different configurations so finding a kit that will suit your specific needs will be no worries at all.  The 'Magnesit' range is also covered by a 10 year warranty for piece of mind.

The 'Nanomax' series is the slightly scaled back version designed for the beginner to advanced amateur.  They are cleverly designed and although they don't use the same exotic materials of their more prestigious bigger brother, they still offer superb versatility and are covered by the same 10 year guarantee.

Possibly the most exciting product in the range (for me personally) is the "Magnesit' range of professional ball heads.  These are the real deal and offer some of the finest tripod head solutions of any manufacturer I have seen.  They are fully featured heads with presision quick realese plates, superbly designed friction and lock system and finely detailed pan scales for precision adjustments.  Every movement on these heads is silky smooth with no jumping or slipping and the rubber grips on all control surfaces make them a pleasure to use.  The heads are covered by the same 10 year warranty as is offered for the rest of the system.

Download the full brochure here or come down and check out one of our demo units.


X100 Demo Unit Now in Stock!

It would seem that this week this blog has more or less been about the Fuji X100!  It may be coming clear that we are pretty excited about this new little machine.....maybe.

This morning we are pleased to announce that we now have an X100 demo unit in stock.  We can't sell it but you are more than welcome to head down and have a look at it.

 Our first hands on interaction with the camera has been great.  The X100 has exceeded our expectations, even those of us skeptical about the hybrid electronic viewfinder have been pleasantly surprised.  The body feels well made and the attention to detail which has obviously gone into the camera makes all the difference; everything works smoothly, fits properly and looks great.  

You can find a full download of the brochure here, it sure is worth checking out!


Friday, March 18, 2011

FujiFilm X100 Official West Australian Luanch

The official Fuji X100 launch is just around the corner and Camera Electronic is pleased to invite our customers to the official event arranged by Fujifilm Australia.

This will be an exclusive chance to see a pre-release unit and a chance to listen to Perth photographers Brad Rimmer and Christian Fletcher give their impressions of the new camera.

We only have limited spots available so send us an email or give us a call to confirm your attendance.  Be sure to get in early though as interest in this new camera has been extraordinary and we expect places to fill fast.

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Remotly Control Your Elinchrom Gear with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

So you may have read a few days ago on this blog about the nifty Hasselblad Phocus App available as a free download from the App Store.  Well, not to be outdone, Elinchrom has released another superbly elegant and amazingly handy little App for their range of flash units.

The App, simply named "Elinchrom Skyport WiFi", allows the photographer or assistant to remotely control Elinchrom Style RX 300 / 600 / 1200 heads, Ranger Quadra RX / Ranger RX / Ranger RX Speed / Ranger RX Speed AS battery packs and Digital RX 1200 / 2400 digital power packs over a WiFi network.  This is a great time and confusion saving solution!  Sure, the idea of controlling equipment like this remotely is not new but this new App from Elinchrom now means that instead of having to contend with remotes for this and that you now have it all in the one place.....and on a device which usually lives in your pocket anyway.


News From Fuji About X100 Delivery Delays

I just received an email from FujiFilm Australia regarding expected delays on the delivery of the X100 to Australia.  The message was brief with no real estimate on actual delivery dates but this is more than understandable considering the tragic and difficult circumstances which Japan now faces.

"Due to the March 11th earthquake that affected northeast Japan, the factory responsible for production of the new Fujifilm FinePix X100 digital camera has been temporarily shut down due to safety concerns.  
FUJIFILM is currently assessing the factory conditions as well as accessibility via domestic logistics and working to determine the potential impact on the X100 market availability and initially scheduled release dates.  

FUJIFILM is making every effort to quickly gather the information needed to provide an accurate update to our retail partners and consumers.  

FUJIFILM appreciates your patience and will provide a formal update as soon as possible." 

We will keep you up to date with any further news as it unfolds.


New Epson R3000 Expected for Delievery Very Soon

Epson has released it's new flagship A3+ format printer the R3000, we are hoping to have stock in store over the next week but I will keep you up to date with more precise delivery dates as they come available.  We are accepting pre-orders on the new model so if you want to be one of the first to put the new machine through it's paces give us a call or drop an email to us.

Click here for the new R3000 product video or click here for the brochure

From all reports this new printer sets new standards for image quality and ease of use.  More than twice the ink capacity and refined ink application are two of the new feature highlights, we will post more info once we get a chance to test the new printer.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bowens/Hasselblad Seminar with Peter Coulson

Camera Electronic is running a Bowens and Hasselblad seminar with the new Hasselblad H4D-60 camera and AIPP 2010 photographer of the year Peter Coulson.  

This is a rare opportunity to learn studio lighting techniques from one of Australia's leading photographers.  The seminar is free but due to limited places available you must RSVP us as soon as possible, simply send an email to to confirm your spot.

Click on the image below for more details....

Peter is also running three further workshops for early April, be sure to get in early as class sizes are limited to 12 people.

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Instant Analogue Photography on the Comeback

Back in 2008 three guys had the brilliant idea of taking over the recently defunct Polaroid production facilities in Holland with the aim of producing film which would be compatible with the much loved Polaroid SX-70, 600, 1200 and Spectra format cameras.  The mission was not to copy Polaroid but rather to invent a whole new range of photographic emulsions for the old instant camera format.  The mission statement they started with was "[To] keep the magic of analog Instant Photography alive by inventing and producing new instant film materials for Vintage Polaroid cameras." - sounds simple huh!

Camera Electronic is pleased to announce we are now stocking Impossible Project films!!

You know that App you downloaded for your iPhone because you missed the fun of instant photos?......well it's now time to get real with some of this amazing new film!

We have in stock the PZ UV+ Silver Shade monochrome film for 1200 and Spectra cameras, the PX UV+ Silver Shade monochrome film for 600 cameras, the PX Push Color Shade film for SX-70 cameras and the PX Silver Shade Monochrome film for SX-70 cameras. 

image courtesy of

New Canon 600D Now in Stock

The new Canon EOS 600D is now in stock and already selling fast!

This new camera from Canon is designed as a replacement for the hugely successful EOS 550D and is another brilliant example of Canon's entry level affordable digital SLR.  The most obvious new feature the 600D is the addition of a fully rotatable LCD screen which allows shooting from awkward angles easily, the rotating screen can also close facing the camera body meaning it is protected from bumps and scratches when not in use.  Perhaps the most exciting new feature however is the inclusion of an "A+" intelligent auto mode, this new shooting mode will detect and analyse the type of scene being photographed and automatically use the best camera settings to produce the best image.  On top of this the camera will keep the photographer informed on exactly what the auto functions are doing to help the beginner or novice photographer understand the relationships between aperture, shutter speed, ISO and other camera functions.

The new camera firmware is also another huge improvement making the camera even more user friendly.  All settings and features are explained clearly by a little pop up information boxes which activate when the user selects an option.  It is amazing that no one has thought of this before, or at least implemented it as superbly as Canon have done.  After 5 minutes with the camera I started to question why Canon even bothered to ship the camera with a user manual at all!!  

Canon have released the camera as kits with various lens combinations or we can sell the camera body only.  Give us a call or drop us an email for up to date pricing or to discuss what lens combination is right for you.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hasselblad Phocus now on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!!

Hasselblad has released the acclaimed Phocus software on Apple mobile devices with wifi connectivity.  The new App will work on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS4 or later.  
This might sound a little strange at first, why release a 'App' version of what is a fairly complex piece of image editing and management software?  It doesn't seem like the most user friendly software to scale down to fit on a teeny tiny screen!  Obviously this is not what Hasselblad has done, instead they have created a handy little solution which enables greater freedom and flexibility when working in the studio.
The App is designed to connect over a wireless network to a computer running Phocus 2.6 and allow the user to remotely browse, zoom and rate images.  This is ideal for clients to see and interact with the images without having to crowd around a single screen or have to hassle your digital operator.  Imagine handing over a couple of iPads and asking your clients to sit back and select the images they are shot!
Phocus Mobile also allows the photographer to access camera controls from any location within the wifi network.  This means that shutter speed, aperture and all other important exposure settings can be controlled from the elegantly designed virtual camera interface on your device, you can also trigger the camera directly from the same interface.
This App is available for free from the AppStore 


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Profoto Specials

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't Let Your Images Down with Poor Calibration

In today's digital world simply taking a great image sometimes isn't enough.  Your workflow from capture to print is only as strong as it's weakest link.  Uncalibrated screens, incorrect colour temperature settings at capture,  print profiles and optics can easily turn a brilliant image into an image that....well....just isn't!  Colour shifting, muddy shadows, clipped highlights and backfocusing can all ruin images which otherwise would have been perfect.

Camera Electronic can solve these problems for you and set you up with a precise and easy to understand calibration management system.  We can do the hard work of setting up and explaining all the behind the scenes stuff leaving you free to do what you do best.

We stock calibration solutions from DataColor, X-Rite, Digital Image Flow and Eizo and we can even create custom ICC profiles for all printable media types.  Come in and see us to discuss how to get the best from your images without the headache or guess work.

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Demo Deals at Camera Electronic

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eizo Demo Deals!

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--> Camera Electronic: March 2011

Camera Electronic