Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hand Made Wooden Cameras are Back!

Thanks to the clever craftsmen at Zero Image we have some unusual cameras for you. Arriving to our showroom floor via horse and cart. These little cameras remind me of times gone by, times before I was born actually. Anyway just because I wasn't alive in the 1920's doesn't mean I can't enjoy the charm of a camera from that era.

Handmade in Japan and coming with a personally signed certificate from the maker. They are pinhole cameras, so everything will be in focus and you'll be shooting long exposures even during the daylight. Check out the gallery on the Zero Image site to see the unique images these cameras produce as well as learning techniques to use them. Have a look at this Flickr search to see more images and discussions about these cameras.

We have a 35mm model that can shoot panoramic images too (Zero 135 dual format Deluxe) and a medium format model (Zero multi format 6x9 Deluxe) that can shoot 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9 in stock. All other models displayed on the the Zero Image site are available to order.
The 35mm and 6x9 models side by side.

35mm model front view.

35mm model rear view.

A close up view of the brass pinhole lens and wooden shutter on the 35mm model. You can activate it using your finger, as I am doing here, or a shutter release cable can also be used to help keep the camera steady for longer exposures.

Showing the camera disassembled and ready for loading film.
The wooden back slides in neatly and then the top simply screws down.
The Zero multi format 6x9 Deluxe camera front view.

Rear view.

Close up of the rear showing the frame counter window when pushed open.

Close up of the spirit level.

The Zero multi format 6x9 Deluxe model in it's three parts ready for film loading.  With the individually signed and numbered certificate on show.

The craftsmanship of these cameras certainly impresses. This camera that brings the the romance and magic back to modern photography. In the days of instant digital satisfaction and phone cameras in everybody's pocket take a step in the other direction to create timeless images on film that will last a lifetime. Don't let the old world charm go to waste and when not in use keep this camera on display in your private collection at home rather than hidden away in a camera bag.

Call us on 08 9328 4405 for enquiries, or come visit us at 230 Stirling St Perth to see them in person.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Canon Lenses in for Demo/Rental Today.

A couple of marvelous new lenses came in today. Both of them are now available for hire, in store demo's or purchase. The first lovely piece of glass is a big one. It's the Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM. What a marvelous view it provides, perfect for sports, wildlife and bird photography. Staff member Andrew Wells took it out the front to shoot a few test shots showing off the short depth of field it can provide.
 Here we can see a delivery truck driving up the street.
Oh and over here we can see some lovely green leaves on a tree outside our shop.
Andrew was quick enough to snap a photo of me taking the shop penguin for a walk. Penguins don't walk themselves you know.

Here is a link to the Canon website which has some useful info about this lens.
Also check out Flickr to see other photos people have shot with this lens.

The other interesting lens that came in is the Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L. This tilt shift lens is perfect for architecture photography and is great for manipulating depth of field and perspectives. Staff member Sam Perejuan went for a short stroll out the front and shot a few quick photos to demonstrate perspective manipulation and depth of field tweaking. To get the best effect it is advised to use a tripod to keep the camera steady whilst making fine adjustments, however Sam shot hand held to quickly demonstrate the effects and get back inside to serve some more customers.

This is a photo without any tilt/shift used for perspective correction.

Here is a photo taken from the exact same position with perspective correction adjustments. Of course if this was shot on a tripod you could fine tune it to get all the lines perfectly straight, however this is a great shot for hand held.

This is without any depth of field manipulation.

Here is the same shot but with the depth of field manipulated to create some interesting out of focus areas. You can use this technique to help keep everything in focus as well as create shorter depth of field when desired.

Here is a link to the Canon site for some more info. Also check out Flickr to see what others have been using this lens for.

Do come in to the store for a look and to hire or buy these unique lenses.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Guess Who Has a Used Hasselblad 30mm Fisheye in Stock!

We do of course. Everyday this thing catches my eye in the window and I wonder why has nobody purchased it yet? I have spent many days and nights dreaming of owning such a lens. This has been a staple in professional skateboard photographers bags ever since Atiba Jefferson started using Hasselblad film cameras to capture skateboarding in the 90's. Capturing 180 degrees field of view across the diagonal with all the detail of shooting medium format film allows for some breathtaking action shots and amazingly detailed landscapes capturing the entire horizon with sharp detail. These days digital backs are getting cheaper and performing better and better. I have a feeling it won't be long before these manual focus lenses, that nobody seems to want these days, will be highly sought after to put on digital backs. Give me a call at the shop on 08 9328 4405 if your interested in this rare lens.

Check out Australian photographer Steve Gourlay's website for some images. There is many great photos shot on film using a Hasselblad 30mm fisheye.

Here is a cover of Thrasher  Magazine shot using a Hasselblad 30mm.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Retro Masterpeices, The Modern Equivalents and a Quick and Easy Product Studio.

This week a couple of lovely old cameras caught my eye. These wonderfully retro cameras are for sale as collectors items. The first one is a Braun Paxette. As far as I can tell this camera was manufactured in the 1960's. It does not seem to be working and would be suited towards display as a collectors item or as a thrown projectile in defense of a home invasion. These old cameras really are built solid.
Next up is a Agfa Solinette with it's own cute leather case. Again not currently working and suited for collecting or as a fashion accessory. Although perhaps not everyone appreciates the aesthetics of this camera as I do. A mid fifties marvel with it's compact form and folding lens. The charm of a nice leather case can do alot for a small camera that is designed to be carried with you everywhere. If your after the convenience of a modern digital with a stylish leather case there are options. Check out the Leica D-lux 4 with it's leather case or also the Canon G11 also has a great leather case too. Of course we are stocking such awesome cameras as these two (pictured below the Agfa).
Below you will notice pictures of the Leica D-lux 4 and the Canon G11. Call us on 08 9328 4405 for current pricing.

Lastly for today I want to share with you a great product that arrived in our store a few weeks ago. It's a quick and easy mini studio for product photography. This Optex mini portable studio folds up into a briefcase sized cary bag. It could not be simpler to use. With fluorescent constant lighting there is no hassles setting up triggers for the flashes or worrying about heat from halogen lamps. Thanks to the fluorescent lights it stays cool after prolonged usage, uses minimal power and provides a nice white light. Perfect for anyone wanting hassle free product shots. It even works great with pocket sized cameras. I shot these with my G10 on auto mode with the flash turned off. It comes with a neutral grey and a blue background. Below is a picture of the  setup I used. I didn't even bother with a tripod and just shot it all hand held. Like I said earlier this cheap setup makes it very easy for me. With a bit of care I bet you could get even better results. Come in and take a look.


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