Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Check this out!

One of our customer's has been working hard for the past 2 years putting together another body boarding film. Lately hes been shooting his video work on Canon digital SLR's with L series lenses. If you haven't seen the video quality you can achieve with them you have to check it out...  its quite amazing.

Mitch didnt have all the gear he required to get the job done but luckily our rental system supplied all the extra pizazz that he needed. come in and see our range and see how it could help you on your next job.

"Hiding from Comfort" is available around October but for more info/videos/pictures head to

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Johannes and Jo AIPP Seminar

Tickets are selling fast so get in quick to secure your spot...
For bookings and more information head to...

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Huge Range of Demo/Second hand items in store now!

Looking for a great deal? right now in store we've overloaded with Demo gear from Nikon, Pentax, Sigma and more... come in and see us while stocks last. call for more info.

Also at the moment our Second hand stock is in abundance... Lots of great specials perfect for students.

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Two of the Best Return... Thadeus Kulig and Bernie Griffiths

After their packed seminars and workshops last year, Thad and Bernie return for the best seminar yet. The two elements that can lift your photography to a higher level, are posing and light. Demonstrating these elements in a new and direct way, they will teach you how to create images that you never thought possible, and that your customers will love.

...Bring a friend for half price!  BOOK AT

Cost $195 or TWO for $292.50  LIMITED TIME


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pentax 645D at Camera Electronic!

In 1984 Pentax first release its original 645 medium format camera. In 1997 they upgraded it to the 645N which added auto focus capabilities and a full rage of auto focus lenses. Back then Camera Electronic was proudly the number one reseller of the Pentax 645 system in WA. Earlier this year in march Pentax unveiled the much anticipated 645D. After 5 years of development its finally here. We were lucky enough to have a demo unit come to the store so we could test it out...

 From what we saw it was amazing, 40MP - 44mm x 33mm CCD sensor, 3.0" LCD screen and is compatible with the existing 645 system lenses. In your hands it felt pretty comfortable and well balanced for its size in comparison to a standard DSLR. If you want to know more about this camera  feel free to call the store and one of us would be happy to help you.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Only two of these great Zero Image handmade wooden pinhole cameras in stock.

We have the Zero 135 which takes 35mm film and the zero 6x9 which takes 120 roll film and can shoot in 6x4.5, 6x6 and 6x9 formats. Both cameras are real collectors items as well as functional cameras. All hand made in Japan and coming with an individually signed and numbered certificate of authenticity these cameras have a huge amount of old world charm and the fine craftsmanship shows. Don't miss your chance to own such a beautifully crafted camera, come in today to purchase one.

Don't be fooled by the good looks, the images they produce are great and have a very unique quality to them. You can view images shot on these cameras by people around the world on Flickr here.


Polaroid is back with new ways to have instant prints.

As many of us are aware Polaroid 600 film has been in short supply and we can only speculate as to when it will be available again. However if it's instant photos you want there are other options. Like the handy new format Polaroid 300. Polaroid 300 works the same way as the 600 film before it, but on a smaller scale. The prints come in at 4.6 x 6.2cm which allows for a much smaller and more convenient camera also. Even easier to carry around your neck on social occasions when you'll capture great moments and have instant prints to share and enjoy.

Another great idea Polaroid have come up with is the new Pogo system of cameras with Zinc (Zero Ink) printing technology. There are two options here also. The first in is a digital camera with built in printer. The "Polaroid Two" is a very clever little camera indeed. With the ability to shoot a digital photo, just the same way your used to, then print it out in about 40 seconds. The Zinc technology means you never have any ink cartridges to replace, just pop in the film pack and your ready to go. The prints come out at 2x3 inches in size and with a peel off back to expose a sticky sheet.

But wait there's more!! Our mates over at Polaroid also have this cool Pogo Zinc printer. This nifty item lets you have the enjoyment of instant prints from any mobile phone with bluetooth file transfer capabilities. That's right, this pocket sized inkless printer will print your mobile phone images without any wires at all! Any dgital camera with pict bridge can connect via a cable to print instant photos as well. Visit our showroom at 240 Stirling St Perth to see these great new products for yourself.


Excellent article about using ND filters to get that film look on your HDDSLR.

Thanks again to Brodie Butler for delivering another great article for you to read. You can view it here at Brodies Blog.


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