Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Luke Thompson has been putting the Nikon P7000 through it's paces recently....

"Thanks to Camera Electronic and Nikon Australia I have been trialling the new Nikon P7000 and SB-400 Speedlight. This is not a complete review of the camera and speedlight but a summary of my personal experience using them, highlighting the most useful features.

The Nikon P7000 is a top of the line compact camera with many advanced features to make shooting simpler without compromising quality. For me, it's the camera I take everywhere and the biggest advantage is that it's quick to use and always on hand to capture the moment.

I take it with me when I'm scouting locations, having a good time with friends and to shoot behind the scenes photos on my shoots.

Physically in my hand the camera feels great. Nice and solid. The controls are all in sensible places and give quick access to the functions most used by photographers. One particular feature I love is the simple actions for changing shutter speed and aperture in manual mode. There is a scroll wheel for each so you never have to hold down two buttons or scroll through a menu to adjust your exposure manually. Adjusting things like iso, white balance, quality and exposure compensation is just as easy. No more hunting through menus whilst shooting with this one.

I must admit I generally use this camera on Program mode and simply adjust the exposure or flash compensation. It works that well in auto mode that I rarely need to adjust it.

The one thing in particular that excited me about this little camera was the hot shoe and Nikon iTTL. The hot shoe means that you can attach any Nikon speedlight and shoot in auto mode using bounce flash indoors. We all know how much of a huge difference bouncing a flash off the ceiling will make as opposed to using it on camera. Nikon iTTL is renowned for being spot on and giving great exposures every time. The P7000 lives up to the Nikon reputation here and works a charm when I used it with the SB-400 and my SB-800 too.

When you attach the SB-400 to the P7000 you end up with a neat little package perfect for social photos. Rivaling the quality of a much bigger, bulkier and more expensive DSLR and flash combo. It's not quite pocketable (not in my pockets anyway) but it is small enough to fit in a little shoulder pouch so when your not shooting you can actually forget about it and enjoy yourself.

While the SB-400 doesn't have an auto focus lamp the P7000 does, so you can still focus in that dimly lit situation. Also the SB-400 doesn't have power adjustments on the flash, but when the P7000 allows you to use flash exposure compensation easily. It's great at giving a nice fill flash too.

Another exciting possibility is that if you throw an SC-29 TTL cord into the bag you've got a tiny kit that will enable you to get that tiny flash away from the lens and up nice and high for more flattering and natural lighting. One more option is too include a small inflatable softbox in your little bag. Then you can shoot with an off camera soft light achieving results that many wouldn't have thought possible from such a tiny kit. When your done shooting you can deflate the softbox and still pack everything away in a small shoulder bag and enjoy the evening. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

As a brief summary I would say that the Nikon P7000 is a great camera that opens up lots of creative possibilities in a tiny package. Combined with the SB-400 and you have great kit in such a tiny size. A great asset to the camera bag of any professional shooter and also a fantastic standalone camera for anyone who wants more control and quality out of a compact.

Below are some of the photos I've captured with it so far. (straight out of the camera with no post production)"

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Cheap Multiblitz Lighting kit for sale!!

All this for under $500!!!

We have for sale a Multiblitz Vario 1500 2 head lighting kit, including 2x 85cm square multiblitz softboxes, 1x 85cm Honeycomb grid for softbox. The kit is in full working condition and includes all leads & sync cables. 
Come in and see us now & pick up a great deal for only $495.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hasselblad V Series, The Classic Square Format Lives On

The Hasselblad V Series camera is an undisputed classic in the world of professional photography.  From location shoots to studio work the '500's' have proved themselves in every conceivable photographic situation, including a few trips to the moon.

We still get lots of inquiries from people looking to go back to the classic style of medium format photography.  Everyone from students to working pros are getting back into the system and the Hasselblad is still the strongest seller in the second hand market of medium format market. 

Here at Camera Electronic we can help you through the whole process of buying your very own Hasselblad camera.  Buying an old 'Blad can sometimes be a minefield if your not sure exactly what you should be on the lookout for.  Mechanical problems and mistreatment can go unnoticed quite easily with these machines and there are a few little tricks to that you should know when inspecting an old body.

We have on site technicians and sales staff who know 'Blads inside and out.  Every camera we sell comes with a full 90 day warranty and is inspected before they ever go on the sales floor.  We take pride in selling good quality kits to good homes and can also offer all the after sales service that you will need.

Lenses are obviously a big deal with these cameras and they Hasselblad happen to make some of the finest optics in the world.  We currently have in stock a range of Hasselblad lenses including two or three very exotic wide angle models.

If your a complete newby to medium format photography and don't even know what film to use then we can even help you with that as well.  We have in stock film to cover every application of photography from Fuji, Ilford Kodak and more!


Hoodman Memory Cards Now in Store

We have just received our first big shipment of the Hoodman RAW Professional CF and SD memory cards.

We are still waiting on stock of the 4GB CF and 32GB SD but aside from that have the whole range of stock in right now.  Prices on these cards are;
    • 32GB CF  $599inc GST
    • 16GB CF  $349inc GST
    • 8GB CF    $199inc GST
    • 16GB SD  $179inc GST
    • 8GB SD    $99inc GST
    • 4GB SD    $65inc GST
These cards are probably more expensive than the cards you have been buying but for the extra cost you get jumps in speed and reliabilty which the other cards can't match.

Check out our earlier blog for details and demos of the benefits of these Hoodman Professional memory cards.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Nikon D5100 to Arrive Instore Soon

Earlier this month Nikon Japan announced the release of a new mid level camera body designed to fill the gap between the D7000 and D3100 models.

The D5100 is designed around the same principle as the D7000 and represents a new generation of Nikon entry level digital SLR camera bodies.  The new model offers many of the same image quality characteristics as the D7000 but manages to do so at a lower price point, the two cameras share a very similar sensor but the D5100 makes do with a few less features like wireless flash control or 39 point AF system.
The Australian cameras are set to be delivered with the AF-S 18-55mm VR lens.  Watch this space for more information about pricing and availability when the first stock arrives.


Hasselblad H System Available at New Low Price!

Medium format digital cameras are expensive right?  Well yes, they are pretty pricey, but it wasn't too long ago when the gap between a pro 35mm format digital camera and a medium format digital camera was enormous.  On top of the extra tens-of-thousands of dollars you would need to drop on a medium format system you then had to contend with slow performance, less than intuitive user interface and a high ISO performance which was pretty dismal.

Now days things are all different,  The Hasselblad H4D-31 now offers many of the conveniences of smaller format cameras with the advantage of a big sensor packed with 31 million of the best pixels money can buy.  Sure it's still slightly more than a pro 35mm body with a nice zoom lens but now days the few thousand extra buys you a whole lot more camera.

Pictured: Hasselblad H4D-31 with HC 100mm f2.2
The Hasselblad H4D-31 is now only $15,995inc GST and comes complete with a HC 80mm f2.8 lens, an absolute bargain if you look at what the money buys you!

Firstly and most importantly, in digital photography the advantages of large format cameras have become even more obvious. The basic 6 x 4.5cm design allows the H4D-31 to use one of the largest image sensors currently available in digital photography. Consequently the sensor holds more and larger pixels, which deliver the highest possible image quality in terms of moire-free color rendering without gradation break-ups in even the finest lit surfaces. The camera also boasts a basic ISO rating of ISO 100 to ISO 1600.  The H4D-31 also offers new levels of speed through the use of new high speed capture architecture capturing full size images at the rate of 1.1 seconds per capture, working either mobile or tethered to a computer. The combination of these features makes the H4D-31 a natural choice for the professional commercial photographer wanting to work with high image quality within a camera system that supports ultimate creative expression in order to deliver outstanding images to satisfy the most demanding customer.


The Importance of Digital Grey Cards and Digital Colour Cards

You may have noticed a few weeks ago that we announced the Digital Image Flow compact grey cards are now in stock.  These credit card size little cards are super handy and can save you hours of post production when you are trying to get your levels just right, the kit includes one grey, one white and on black card along with a secure lanyard to keep them all together.

We now also have in stock from Digital Image Flow the superbly useful and accurate  Digital Colour Card.  This card allows you to calibrate your camera and means that RAW files from your camera will be consistently accurate in terms of colour reproductions and tone.

All you need to do is make a RAW file from this card and then download the Photoshop scripts and follow some simple instructions.

Complete colour calibration solutions are important if you want to avoid the huge amounts of time needed in post trying to fix colours which just aren't quite right.  The less time you spend between capture and print means more time shooting, some simple colour management before you shoot can save hours down the road!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zeiss to Release Lens Kit in Custom Waterproof Case, for Cine and Photo

Zeiss has announced it plans to market a lens kit bundle with custom waterproof hard case, something along the lines of the old Cine kits that movie directors would be accustomed to.    

As Hi Def video becomes more and more a standard feature on digital SLR cameras the need for high quality lenses with a traditional manual focus operation has taken off.  Focus pulls and pre focusing is infinitely more difficult with AF lenses which simply don't have that silky smooth and precise manual focus feel of the Zeiss counterparts.

Zeiss is marketing this lens kit as a Cine solution for pro shooters with five lenses they believe are the most popular for this application.  The lens line up that they are to bundle together looks to be (at this stage!) the Distagon 21mm f2.8,  Distagon 28mm f2, Distagon 35mm f2, Planar 50mm f1.4 and Planar 85mm f1.4

Pricing is not entirely clear at the moment but it looks as though buyers will get some big savings if buying the whole kit together rather than the five lenses individually.  If your interested please get in touch and we can we can see what we can sort out in terms of pricing and availability.

Lenses will be available in either ZF.2 for Nikon and ZE for Canon EF mount.   

Lenses will be supplied with specific and adjustable dividers to keep lenses safe from shock and vibration.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Leica M Lenses, "Masters of the Moment"

Leica Lenses have been at the forefront of lens design since 35mm photography began early last century.  The Leica lens uses the highest grades of optical glass available and are constructed using only the finest materials, they are engineered with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer and offer a longevity that is legendary.
"Leica's high-performance lenses are all made, by hand, at Leica's main factory in Solms near Wetzlar, Germany. They represent the fruit of many years of experience in optics and precision mechanics and are produced using unique technologies, high-quality materials and the commitment and craftsmanship of expert staff. Only they can deliver true Leica quality to your images."

Leica Camera Germany now offers 22 lenses for the Leica M system, these include the ultra fast wide angle Summilux-M 21 mm f/1.4 ASPH, the standard focal length Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH and the telephoto Apo-Summicron-M 75mm f/2 ASPH just to name a few.

The expansion of the Leica M lens line up over the past few years has been the cumulative result of new technological possibilities, decades of extensive and cutting edge research and development along with new manufacturing possibilities and techniques.  Leica is committed to offering photographers the finest lenses money can buy.

Summilux-M 21 mm f/1.4 ASPH

Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH
We are running an upcoming Leica day with renowned Leica photographer Johannes van Kan and hope to have all the currant line up of Leica lenses on hand for guests to see.  For inquiries about the day or to book your spot simply give us a call or send us an email.

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Eizo Deals and Price Reductions!

We have in stock the 22inch FlexScan S2243W monitor for a new low price if $1120!

The FlexScan S2243W is capable of outputting 95% of RGB color and is supplied complete with EzyPix 2.0 software, origami hood and a full 5 year or 30,000 hour warranty.  This is probably the best value for money professional display solution for photographers committed to colour consistency and faithful reproduction of tone.   

We are also pleased to announce that the new self calibrating ColorEdge CG275W is now in stock and has been selling well.  The pro shooters that we have been supplying the monitors to have given great feedback and told us about the huge benefits and time saving features of these screens.

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Fuji X100 Launch Night

The official West Australian Fuji X100 launch was held at Malt Supper Club in Mount Lawley last week.  A very special thanks to Fuji, Brad Rimmer and Christian Fletcher!

Nearly 100 people attended to see the unveiling of the camera and listen to presentations by Perth photographers Bard Rimmer and Christian Fletcher.  Feedback and images created by the photographers already indicate that the X100 is a compact camera that compromises nothing in terms of image quality and superb usability.

The launch highlighted that this little camera is definitely set to live up to the hype started all those months ago when it was first announced.  This really does seem like a camera that is aimed squarely at the pro photographer and the photo enthusiast with a level of refinement simply not found from other smaller digital cameras in this class.

Camera Electronic is pleased to offer a special deal to anyone who puts down a pre-order deposit on a Fuji X100.  If you put down a deposit with us to secure your camera we will give you a signed copy of Brad Rimmers new book "Silence", we will also be giving people who put down a deposit the opportunity to take our demo camera away for a three day loan.  This is a great way to get your hands on a camera and get a signed copy of the stunning new book from one of West Australia's finest photographers.  The official launch and book signing for Brad's new book will be announced shortly but we can hold a copy for you in the mean time.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Details About Upcoming Workshops

Camera Electronic is pleased to be running two upcoming workshop events with acclaimed photographers Johannes van Kan and Jo Grams. 

The Leica Workshop 2011 featuring Johannes Van Kan

The workshop will concentrate on the Leica brand and the romance and culture that are attached to it. We will detail where the company has been and where it is going whilst also explaining our long history with the Leica brand. We will show every camera model currently made by Leica and discuss the specifications and extraordinary characteristics on each one, we will also allow the cameras to be passed around to each attendee for short trial periods throughout the day. We are hoping to have every lens in the current line up available on the day and talk briefly about the extraordinary optical designs available to Leica shooters.

The day will commence with introductions of staff and our featured speaker, Award winning photographer and Leica rangefinder specialist Johannes Van Kan.  Johannes will then tell the story of how he got his personally engraved special edition M9 direct from Leica Germany!  After this a brief video tour of the Leica factory will be shown.

Johannes will also take over the mic for a presentation of his photography and his own feelings on Leica; the brand, the equipment and how he uses it.  Johannes will also take questions regarding his work and the Leica system.

Lunch will be provided before Johannes briefs attendees on the afternoons photo assignment; a reportage style street photography trip around the Perth CBD.  After this there is opportunity to show your favorite image from the afternoon and have it critiqued by Johannes, those who have shot film we invite you to scan and send in your images after the event so Johannes can offer critique at a later date. 

We will conclude the day with a slide show about Leica’s history and their current products, along with an introduction to the Leica Blog, magazine and where they sit in the world of photography. Along with a quiz and prize draw, this will be the greatest Leica day you have ever attended, and will include a certificate signed by Johannes.

Johannes Van Kan and Jo Grams Masterclass

Photographers Johannes van Kan and Jo Grams are both experts in their fields with bot receiving numerous awards throughout their careers.  Johannes is a Fellow of the NZIPP and Jo a Master of the NZIPP, they both bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to their imagery.

Both photographers run a successful wedding and portrait studio in Christchurch and have recently been tested and endured like no one should ever have to. The romance and culture of Christchurch has been pushed to the brink. When something like this occurs how can two people who love and provide for a daughter and their own living have any business left? Where do they find the strength? Find out how and at the same time all their photographic and business knowledge at the 2011 Johannes and Jo Masterclass. Read below for an insight by Johannes;

"It’s really about sharing our expert knowledge and philosophies and the underlying principle behind why we are in business rather than teaching people how to use a camera. I want to be able to talk about why people use a camera. We called it a Master class to reflect the level of knowledge we would like to share.  

The disaster relief tour is really about us getting off our butts and doing something towards staying in business in a climate that is feeling suppressed and in a town that has lost half of its churches, most of its romance, and just about all of its old buildings. The relief is for us. It is an opportunity for other photographers to get something back for helping us get through what are very difficult times.

The money is to keep us in business and to help us in rebuilding our studio and home which now looks like this ... PHOTOS AS BELOW…

There have been over 5000 shakes since the 22nd of September. So this is our own disaster and a way for us to not depend on organizations for a way to get through.

The talk is not going to focus on our problems but more on survival and success."

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leica M Rangefinder - The Pinacle of Camera Design

Nothing represents the ultimate in photographic equipment better than the Leica M series camera.  Small, quite, robust and elegantly designed for the photographer, the Leica M has over the decades become an instantly recognizable icon of photography.

The iconic shape of the Leica M was first introduced in 1954 with the M3.  Over the years the design philosophy has changed little and nowadays the Leica M9 and Leica MP are testament to Leica's obsession with quality, functionality and beauty.

Here at Camera Electronic we pride ourselves on being one of Australia's largest and most experienced Leica dealers, we have been selling Leica products to our customers in Perth as well as our national and international customers for nearly 40 years.  

The currant Leica M9 is a masterpiece of classic design married to the latest in digital technology.  With an 18 million pixel full frame sensor, combined with the legendary Leica M lens lineup, the M9 produces images of the highest quality.

For the traditionalist photographers, or those who simply love working with film, the Leica MP offers the latest generation in the M family.  Designed from decades of relentless research and development the MP is the finest M film body released and offers levels of refinement that other camera manufacturers can only envy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Leica M, or if your a user who'd like to share their experiences with other users, then check out the details of our upcoming workshop with renowned Leica photographer Johannes van Kan.


Everything We Know for 300 Bucks, with Johannes van Kan and Jo Grams

 Two of New Zealends top wedding and portrait photographers give an insightful and inspiring presentation on how your business can survive when the worst case scenarios strike.  These are important lessons for any shooters running a business and making a livelihood from their images.  

Booking can be made directly by following the links here

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cullmann Tripods now at Camera Electronic

Cullmann are no novice's to the photographic industry.
For the past 30 years Cullmann has had a name throughout the world for making high quality camera accessories at an affordable price.
What more could anyone want? 

With Tripod/Head combo's starting at $179.95 and a full size ,light weight, heavy duty tripod/head combo including a built-in monopod for only $279.95 now's never been a better time to purchase a tripod or upgrade your existing tripod.

Also for all you strobists out there, they have a miniture ball head which doubles as a small adapter for any speedlite flash which uses a hot shoe. For something like this in other brand's you'd be paying around the $75+ but for Cullmann you only pay $49.95!

Jump into their website to see the complete range online or come in store and ask one of our sales staff to show you them in action. 


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Leica Workshop featuring Johannes Van Kan

Come one come all...Leica fans, enthusiasts to professionals, come listen to the awe inspiring Master Leica Photographer, Johannes Van Kan, as he was honoured by Leica with his own Leica M9 (especially engraved with his signature) by the Leica factory.

RSVP is essential by 30th April 2011 to Limited places available.

It will be held at Shoot Photographic Workshop @ 232 Stirling Street Perth Western Australia 6000.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Huuuge SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash 128GB Card on the Way!

We are expecting our first shipment of the new Sandisk 128GB CF cards shortly.  These new Extreme Pro's operate at the blistering speed of up to 100MB/s

These cards probably won't be for everyone, most shooters can get by comfortably on sizes available now but for Video and Medium Format guys these cards will surely become indispensable.

Exact dates for delivery aren't available yet but watch this space for more info.


Elinchrom BXRi D-Lite 4 IT and D-Lite 2 IT Back in Stock!

We have just received another shipment of Elinchrom D-Lite kits and we are expecting them to be snapped up fast.  These kits have been so popular and they hands down offer the best value for money in the 'starter' monobloc category.

Feature highlights of these amazing head are wireless triggering via the built in EL-Skyport receiver (EL-Skyport ECO Transmitter also included), fan cooling, full digital push button control and newly designed housings.

For more information please download a copy of the brochure here or call in and we can give you a full demo of what these guys can do.  We also have these kits in our rental list so if you want to try one out at home call and make a booking, if you rent and then buy we may be able to give you a great deal!


Friday, April 1, 2011

The Best of the Best, Arca Swiss C1 Cube Geared Head

Camera Electronic is the official distributor of Arca Swiss products in Australia and we are pleased to introduce you to one of the latest additions to the range of camera support solutions that Arca offer.  The C1 Cube is testament to Arca's never ending pursuit of the ultimate pinnacle of functionality, design and engineering. 

"Designed for a realm where functionality trumps all concerns.  The head allows users to place their heavy cameras with a degree of accuracy they could never have had before except in exchange for a large increase in weight.  There are still plenty of shooters around wishing to actually travel with their best stuff, and no geared head seemed practical to endure on one's person before the C1 arrived.

The C1 Cube has finely calibrated ungeared panning adjustments under and above ±28° x-y geared axes with adjustable tension.  Why two panoramic axes?  So that you can first center the Cube's controls to your position with the bottom axis, then readjust the camera to point dead ahead with the upper axis.  The gears' knobs have a little scrap of rubber running around them, to give pinpoint control while wearing gloves without being broad enough to obstruct the head's movements.  On the bottom of it all, there's a third (ungeared) hinge which allows 62° of tilt so that any camera can reach the 90° vertical position.
On top of the C1 you'll find 2 sensitive bubble levels and an Arca-Swiss flip-lock quick release clamp which has its own advantages in compactness and security.  Given all that's going on here, the weight's astonishingly low; just 925 grams, as light as could be imagined and considerably more compact than other geared heads.

The C1's ultimate advantage lies in the world of macro shooting, where its design allows far fewer focusing readjustments while creating images.  You see, all other geared heads (and all other 3-way pan/tilt heads for that matter) execute movements upon circular axes which are centered far below the actual camera-your gear moves along the outside of a sphere.  The C1 Cube, however, places the camera inside of a sphere.  It is almost as if the x/y axes meet at a point upon the image plane itself, with all the camera rotating around a stationary image plane.  This remarkably difficult engineering feat was chosen to minimize movements of the optical system's entrance pupil during composing, making for speedier field work free of perpetual height and focus adjustments.

This version of the C1 Cube is delivered with a gorgeous, handcrafted leather case with permanently-attached shoulder strap."


Olympus Binoculars Now in Stock

Olympus has long been known as one of the leading camera manufacturers but some people aren't aware that this experience in precision mechanics and optics is also available in their range of binoculars.

Olympus binoculars are available in five different levels from the basic and affordable PC I range of compact travel binoculars to the more professional EXWP I range designed for long life in extreme conditions.  The top of the range EXWP I series feature nitrogen filled and fully sealed casings making then completely dust, water and fog proof along with advanced lens coatings for clear flare free viewing under any lighting conditions.

The Olympus range of binoculars are very reasonably priced and offer some of the best value for money on the market.

Camera Electronic is pleased to be stocking the range of Olympus binoculars, come in a try some out today.

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